What is Logogrammer?

Realtime preview
with fun
As the customer customizes the text, its font and colour, the preview will be lively updated. Trying various versions before they place an order must be a fun experience.
Beautiful preview
using photo
A progressive technology realizes real&natural preview using the product’s photo.
That will prevent customers from feeling differently when they received the product.
print-ready file
As the customer finished customization, print-ready file in accurate vector data will be generated. Just download the data and no retouch is needed.
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Introduced by an international sports brand

Company “A” is a sports brand internationally known. They were looking for a system that could reduce time and labour to improve their popular customization service. But “quality” is always neccessary for their services besides speed and efficiency.
They chose Logogrammer for its nice user experience and beautiful preview. Now they succeeded to improve both customers satisfaction and work efficiency.

Easy & simple to use

You don’t need special training to use Logogrammer. Anyone can do customization with simple interface.
Customization of the system is also available.

System Requirements:
Windows browser:Edge/Chrome
Mac browser:Safari/Chrome

How to use this service

Trustful technology with patent

We have nearly 30 years of expertise in the field of graphic generating technology for printing industry.
Inside Logogrammer, there is BUCAS(Baby Universe Creation Automation Server) which is a graphic generation system developed with the essence of our technology. BUCAS is patented in Japan for its innovativeness and uniqueness.

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